How to make Tigernut Yoghurt (Easy Recipe)


Tigernut Yoghurt Recipe

This raw vegan tigernut yoghurt bowl is quick, easy, and makes an enticing breakfast, brunch or afternoon snack! Our organic tigernut products elevate this aesthetically pleasing dish with no added sugar. This recipe (much like our Tigernut Kasha, Tigernut Granola, and Tigernut Spread) is gluten free, lactose free, and contains 100% plant-based ingredients! Natureul products are made with no preservatives and no artificial flavors — just wholesome tigernuts, fruits, spices, and seeds. They make a great addition to this robust vegan breakfast.

There is no cooking involved in the creation of this organic yoghurt bowl! The process couldn’t be simpler: mix your tigernut yoghurt, then layer fruits, granola, seeds, cacao and tigernut spread to create a nutrient-dense breakfast bursting with different textures, colors, and flavors. It’s easy to personalize and tailor to your specific dietary needs and appetite. For the yoghurt and kasha base, you can choose to add either Carob and Cinnamon or Crunchy Cacao, then pick your favorite flavors of our granola and spread for your toppings.

This recipe is also enjoyable for all ages! It’s very kid-friendly and you can make it even more exciting by cutting the fruits into fun shapes like stars and hearts, or by arranging the ingredients to create letters, spell words, create shapes or silly faces.

Quick, Easy and Tasty Tigernut yoghurt bowl

Not a fan of blueberries and bananas? No problem! You can substitute with any organic fruits you would like: any kind of berries, sliced strawberries, apples, peaches, nectarines, pears, and melons are all great options and would add lots of contrast to your yoghurt bowl. The same can be said for the seeds, hemp hearts and cacao. You can replace these with chopped nuts, greens powders, spirulina, non-dairy chocolate chips, or even other kinds of seeds.

Want to make this dish paleo? It’s easy. Omit the yoghurt, increase the amount of Tigernut Kasha to ½ cup and then add 7 fl oz of water. Stir until it forms a thick porridge, and then top with your fruits, seeds, cacao and drizzled spread as per usual.

Ingredients for the Tigernut Yoghurt

Single Serving

Choose the organic versions of all of these ingredients if possible!

How to make Tigernut Yoghurt - Step by Step

  1. Start by stirring the Tigernut Kasha into the yoghurt until combined to create a flavorful foundation.
  2. Add the tigernut yoghurt to the bowl you will be using to serve.
  3. Start layering the fruit in vertical or horizontal rows — banana slices should be laid single-file and partially overlapping from one side of the bowl to the other. The blueberries can be lined up in single rows or bunched together for thicker rows.
  4. Add the granola to either side of the rows of fruit you’ve created.
  5. Use the hemp hearts, seeds, and cacao nibs to fill in any empty spaces between the rows of granola and fruit.
  6. In a microwave-safe dish, melt the Tigernut Spread in the microwave for 5 seconds and stir to create a runny consistency.
  7. In a circular or zig-zag motion, drizzle the Tigernut Spread over the fruit, granola, cacao and seeds.
  8. Enjoy your beautiful raw vegan tigernut yoghurt bowl!

Storing the Tigernut Yoghurt correctly

This is a single serving bowl, but because of all the fiber from the fruits and seeds, you may find it rather filling. Just put the remainder in an airtight container and store overnight. The fruit may start to significantly change in texture and color if you store it for longer than two days, so eat up!