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Best enjoyed: 
- as a porridge 
- in smoothies, mixed porridges, bowls 
- with cereals and desserts 

Organic ground tigernut meets crunchy cacao in our Tigernut Kasha. Our all-natural tigernut powders are formulated with non GMO vegan ingredients, no preservatives and no added sugar. We balance the natural sweetness of the tigernut with chocolatey cacao nibs for a satisfying, flavorful experience. Because the tigernut is actually a tuber, not a nut, Natureul Tigernut Kasha is naturally nut free, gluten free, and lactose free – great for those with any of these common allergies. It’s easy to prepare, ready in seconds, and can be used in many applications – breakfast porridges, mid-day snacking, and baking desserts. Our wholesome, paleo-friendly ingredients, simple preparation and signature flavors make this healthy treat perfect for any time of day.

Simple use: Mix 3 tbsp of kasha with 3.4 fl oz of water or plant-based drink (warm or cold) and your porridge is done. Feel free to add fruit or other ingredients of your choice.

INGREDIENTS: tigernut flour* (68%), ground chia seeds*, cacao powder (criollo)* (10%), mesquite powder*, cacao nibs*. *organic ingredients

Net Wt. 10.5 oz (300 g)

Produced in EU.

About Tigernuts
Despite the tricky name, tigernuts contain no actual nuts! They are a member of the tuber family and are naturally gluten free. Tigernuts are the perfect addition to your daily menu! Their chewy texture and mildly sweet, nutty flavor lends a remarkable element to tried-and-true snacks like granola, spread and kasha porridge.


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