Tigernut Granola

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About Tigernuts

*Tigernuts are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats, making them the perfect addition to your daily menu! Their chewy texture and mildly sweet, nutty flavor lends a remarkable element to tried-and-true snacks like granola and spreads. Tigernuts have a history of being used to boost libido and are used as aphrodisiacs in Ayurvedic medicine. Experience the unique flavor profile of our organic tigernuts and reap benefits at the same time. Natureul is committed to marrying great flavors with well-being.

Despite the tricky name, tigernuts contain no actual nuts! They are a member of the tuber family and are naturally gluten free, making them a great alternative to those with dietary restrictions or common food allergies. Tigernut products can be used as an ingredient substitute for many recipes and can easily be incorporated into many of your favorite snacks and desserts. Satiate your sweet tooth with an organic, no-sugar-added delight from the Natureul line of tigernut treats.


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Are you craving a delicious way to start your morning or a natural vegan snack to sustain you through the afternoon? Natureul has you covered with tigernut granola. We’ve reinvented a hearty classic by adding tasty, nutritious tigernuts and removing fillers, preservatives and common food allergens. Our granola is the perfect any-time treat.

Why Natureul is the best choice for Tigernut Raw Granola

Chewy organic tigernuts are coated in delectable natural vegan ingredients to create crunchy clusters that are great for sprinkling over breakfasts and desserts or eaten by the handful on-the-go. Grab a bag on your way out the door – it’s travel friendly and fantastic for stashing in your gym bag or snacking between meetings. Our wholesome ingredients also make Natureul tigernut granolas great to share with friends, family and colleagues.

*As our star ingredient, tigernuts are rich in fiber and also contain healthy fats and antioxidants to nourish you throughout the day. Combined with blends of organic spices and fruits, our granolas are the perfect balance between a healthy snack and a tasty one. Foodies of all ages will love this delectable delight!

Tigernut Granola from Natureul is fully Vegan, Organic & Delicious!

Natural Vegan

Our tigernut raw granola is made completely of plant-based ingredients and is safe for vegans and vegetarians alike! The main ingredient, the tigernut, is a root vegetable grown on the yellow nutsedge plant. And as for the other ingredients? They are all whole, earth-grown foods you can recognize and pronounce. Natureul products do not contain meat, dairy, eggs, or animal products of any kind and are completely vegan-friendly.


All Natureul tigernut granola is made with 100% natural ingredients for a guilt-free snacking experience. Each variety is preservative free, non GMO, and naturally gluten free – so you can consume without worry. We only include the best organic ingredients in our formulas to ensure high quality and great taste.


Our natural vegan flavors are innately sweet and make snacking highly customizable. Simply reach for your favorite granola flavor to top your usual smoothies and yogurt bowls or pair with your favorite fruits to enhance flavor and fulfill your cravings. Bring balance to breakfasts, midday snacks, and even desserts without compromising on taste.

Natureul tigernut granola is also tasty enough to stand alone as the perfect snack! Crispy bits of granola, chewy, nutty tigernuts, and our naturally sweet, perfectly blended flavors make it a gratifying treat. Toss back handfuls or nibble on one crunchy granola cluster at a time – how you consume it is up to you, but we can guarantee that one bag will never be enough.

Tigernut Granola Recipes

Mix it up! Incorporate our granola into your own recipes or try recreating one from tigernut recipe collection. Our granola is great on its own, but we also highly recommend using it as a topping for smoothies, sorbet, yogurt, ice cream, fruit bowls, parfaits, and more. There are endless opportunities to incorporate our raw vegan granola into your everyday menu!

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