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Best enjoyed: 
- as a snack right from the bag 
- with yogurt or milk 
- on top of a smoothie 


Granola is a tasty snack. It is not an ordinary muesli; it is much more than that. Its main ingredient is fresh tigernuts (chufa), which are not actually nuts but tubers. The Granola does not contain gluten and is appropriate for people with trouble related to gluten intake. Our product is ecological and contains no artificial sweeteners. There are only naturally occuring sugars deriving from the high proportion of fruit and tigernuts. It also has no artificial colors, no preservatives, no GMOs, no lactose, milk or other allergens and is suitable for vegans. The Orange-Cardamom-flavored Granola contains juicy orange and cardamom with delicious cocoa nibs. The flavor adds a special kick to our snack.

INGREDIENTS: tigernuts*(48%), orange*(22%), shredded desiccated coconut*, raisins*, cocoa nibs*, baobab powder*, cardamom*, unrefined Himalayan salt. Contains coconut. *organic ingredients

Net Wt. 8.1 oz (230 g)

Produced in EU.

About Tigernuts
Despite the tricky name, tigernuts contain no actual nuts! They are a member of the tuber family and are naturally gluten free. Tigernuts are the perfect addition to your daily menu! Their chewy texture and mildly sweet, nutty flavor lends a remarkable element to tried-and-true snacks like granola, spread and kasha porridge.


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