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About Tigernuts

*Tigernuts are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats, making them the perfect addition to your daily menu! Their chewy texture and mildly sweet, nutty flavor lends a remarkable element to tried-and-true snacks like granola and spreads. Tigernuts have a history of being used to boost libido and are used as aphrodisiacs in Ayurvedic medicine. Experience the unique flavor profile of our organic tigernuts and reap benefits at the same time. Natureul is committed to marrying great flavors with well-being.

Despite the tricky name, tigernuts contain no actual nuts! They are a member of the tuber family and are naturally gluten free, making them a great alternative to those with dietary restrictions or common food allergies. Tigernut products can be used as an ingredient substitute for many recipes and can easily be incorporated into many of your favorite snacks and desserts. Satiate your sweet tooth with an organic, no-sugar-added delight from the Natureul line of tigernut treats. 

Why Natureul is the best choice for Black Truffle Sauces

Our black truffles are sourced from the beautiful Mediterranean Slovenian Istria, where truffle hunters expertly forage for rare black truffles and harvest them by hand, as they have done for generations. 

We combine these delicious truffles – known also as “Istrian Gold” – with first-rate ingredients for a natural vegan condiment that will leave you always craving more. Warning! You may find yourself wanting to add it to everything.